Carly is amazing not only did she help me find my confidence after a 12 yr gap in my riding, she now also teaches my son who has autism and struggles with people. She made the time to bond with him so now he loves his lessons with her and as an extra treat for our ponies we have her give them a massage.  All round happy I would recommend Carly very highly
- Dawn & Dylan

Absolutely could not have asked to achieve any more than me and Willow did with Carly's guidance, I went from an uncontrollable rodeo mare to a sweet, happy girl who would jump unbelievable and hack out on her own!
- Amber & Willow

I couldn’t possibly recommend Carly enough!! By far the best and most understanding instructor and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get to know my boy better when riding
- Chloe, Stanley & Murphy

Carly is great! 
She has made me gain confidence in the last couple of months within our group lesson. This has aided me to get back on my own horse for the first time in 8 months. 
She gives good positive feedback and is always constructive. She’s never negative and I always feel like I’ve had a great ride. 

- Clare

I can not recommend Carly enough , she has given me a big confident boost, I wouldn’t be the rider I am today if it wasn’t for Carly. - Ruby

Carly is a fabulous instructor ,I love my lessons with her and thoroughly recommend her - Lisa

Carly is an amazing instructor. She has taught me many things, including using my seat and not relying on the horse. Carly always makes lessons fun and she always has some tips to improve my riding.

                    From Ollie

Both myself and my daughter have lessons with Carly and highly recommend her. Flexible, approachable, encouraging and great fun... you can see how much she loves what she does and it comes through in her lessons 
- Anna & Freya

Love my lessons with Carly, her lessons fill me with confidence and I always end up achieving things I never knew I could. She’s so calm and positive and it definitely rubs off onto me and Teddy 

I would highly recommend - Jaimi & Teddy